loose dogs at mathyld's

photo by Ampelopsis of FallInPics. (i love her pics!)
styling by mathyld. (it's her flat and her things..)
mobile by emilie of bloomsong. (how cute is that?!)
embroidery by yours truly.


  1. Quite a collaboration madame.... How exactly does that all come about? I guess I don't have friends that I do that sort of stuff with... Funny I never thought it until now....Are you all sitting down to tea and you whip out an embroidery piece and someone pulls out a mobile and another a camera and Voila? DO tell...

  2. i wish! wouldn't that kind of tea party be fun? no... the embroidery and mobile were gifts to mathyld and she has them displayed in her flat. then her photographer friend was over.. and voila!

  3. Ahhh! I see! You know I read peoples blogs and see all this amazing stuff they do and I think---ummmm, how is it that I keep leaving the soy milk out of the fridge? How are people living these prolific beautiful lives and I leave the soy milk out of the fridge every morning to spoil?

    What is ragtime BTW? I don't know what a french seam is, but it sounds like a worthy endeavor ( slap "french" in the title and I fall for it every time). My sewing machine is off to the repair shop, but it comes back Friday!

  4. i am also often wondering at OPP (other people's productivity) and am glad when it is demystified! i didn't get up until 2:30 today (been sick tho') and am always kicking at myself.

    ragtime is a flapper-themed online course that mathyld and i made in sewing and embroidery. the french seam is a special finishing technique (we found it so funny that in french, the name for it is "couture anglais"!)