nighttime is ragtime

after i got re-acquainted with my sewing machine (maybe if i give her a name, she'll be more cooperative?), i did a bunch of practicing and made my very first French seam! mathyld's lessons were fabulous! i ironed, tea-dyed, drank tea, did some laundry, petted the pups and and sewed some more. nighttime is now ragtime.


  1. Magical pics, Drucilla ♥
    I'm so glad you made it !!!

    And what's the name of that cute furry flappette ?

    Also, I think that we have the same sewing machine :)

    x x x

  2. that's tallulah, my sweet girl who loves me and the kitchen. i looked closely at your machine on your video and i think it is a tiny bit more advanced! xoxo