excuse me, i've been in a crafting fog

friends, i've missed you! i feel like my real life has rudely infringed on my online one... but much crafting has been accomplished in preparation for our first handmade market at the hotel. i love some of the new things i came up with, including a use for all those feathers i've gathered all summer! the market finally started today and it's been great fun getting ready and meeting new folks. makes me even wonder if i might like being a shoplady, although i still wonder..

more pics soon.. i need to go and catch up with your blogs now!!


  1. oooh ! Of course I love everything !
    I wish I could drop down the HH to look at all what you've achieved.
    You are a wonder, my dear.
    x x x

  2. well done dru! it looks so pretty and i can't wait to see more :)