golden hours

the gorgeousness of the weather permeated my studio today... cosy with a kerosene heater, the balcony door wide open, a cool breeze and karen elson.

there's an interview with me over at folk reveries! i'm not sure how it happened, but i'm the new team captain, and so far it's been really fun. i had to get (another) new email for twitter, and i got folkreveries@gmail.com! so it was meant to be.

lots of good news.. my new proposal for school was approved, and i'll have a new co-advisor now who will help a lot. now on-to some less fun paperwork.. but i also got some new local quilting connections, so i'll be joining a bee or two. i made my very first three quilt blocks today, ever.


  1. Amazing news, my dear !
    I am so proud of you, being the team captain and I loved that interview of yours.

    Also these pictures are truly beautiful ...
    And hullooo, Miss Hadley ! Your cousin Harley Queen loves to nest on my bags, too :)
    x x x

  2. Lovely pictures, and congrats on your quilt squares. Watch out, quilting can become a bit obsession-making. (Hah!) I'm so impressed with your ability to take on so many projects and keep them all in the air.

  3. I love your studio :) It looks as an inspiring place...I'm gonna head over to read that interview right now. I'm so glad to join that club that has you for a captain :)