Aglaé et Sidonie

I finally listed some handspun yarns in my new shoppe... some of them inspired by (or at least named after) these adorable characters, Aglaé et Sidonie, from a French tv series that ran from 1968-1975. If anything can excite me, it would be this combo of vintage cute + Frenchy (thank you dear M!) I have a feeling this is just the beginning of my yarnie love affair with this series..


  1. You might like Michel Gondry's movie The Science of Sleep. French, charming and childlike, it also features some knitting.

  2. Awww, you're welcome, dear ! I think that they are us ! Aglaé & Sidonie = Mathyld & Drucilla !

    Also, I am in love with these yarns. And so thrilled that you are *finally* listing them (I won't add how glad I am that you finally opened this new shoppe !)

    Your French craftsister from across the sea,
    x x x

  3. Sumptuous! Really, really *beautiful* colors and texture. I love the bits of butterscotch color that pops up here and there.

  4. I found this little bit on Hand/Eye. http://handeyeblog.com/node/180
    In a small piece about yak textiles from Tibet the author comments on "textiles that have the imprint of the sacred land, the strength and warmth of an animal that endures the extreme". This made me think of your dissertation and the aspect of using fiber from your own animals. Could there be a very basic and deep talisman-like quality that such fiber holds, above and beyond practical or keepsake/memory functions? Could wearing such fiber on our own bodies impart some essence of animal strength and endurance (or gentleness and warmth?)Or is it our own experience in caring for animals and processing their gift of fiber that imparts significance?
    Oh, my wee brain is chugging away. Sorry to go on and on.

  5. thanks y'all! i have the yarnie bug again these days. i'm finally relenting and sending my own sheepies' wool out to be processed. they are so messy. and then after this shearing, i'll put them in little jackets.

    heather, i loved that film. i'm a big fan of charlotte gainsbourg. there is something about her little horse that reminds me of these old stop-action marionettes too!

    these fiber questions are so intriguing! it seems that when people "know" the animal, it creates a different relationship with the fiber and the object made from it. i think it could be all the things you mention. it's probably a matter of talking to people and seeing how they articulate their feelings about it. how about you - have you ever had that experience of feeling animal energy or strength from fiber? i know i have.