ghosts are converging

elderberry and rust-dyed yarns. i just love the odd shades of these. i do have a grey sheep, so maybe they are not all that incredible, but still, it's different.

the yarns contain the ghost of the sheep and also of the elderberry bush (both happily living down the road, but the sheep is elderly). and the ghost of the horse-shoe that one skein was wrapped around in the dyebath. or no, actually this one was wrapped around a rusty car part. well, maybe a less romantic ghost. but that brings up this question about plant and animal fibers that i'm working through... are these ghosts, traces, remnants - are they works of imagination? or is the fact that the sheep or plant or horseshoe or car part was really There, how much does that matter?

the fiber is There, and it is marked. it has qualities specific to its ghosts. so even though someone who ends up with this yarn (or the yarn made into mittens) may not see the ghosts, they were, are There.

everyone is talking about ghosts. or i'm just noticing the ones talking about ghosts. jude's concept of ghosting from magic diaries. also this chapter by carla freccero on queer spectrality. and last night, sarah seeing in my eco-prints their ghostly potential for quilting. working through how these are related.. this is my task.


  1. ...i LOVE your ghost yarn fibers ~
    all that you do has a romance quaility about it,
    even dangling off of a car part/horse shoe...

    mysteriously beautiful

    xo, Rosemary

  2. moon was just asking if ghosts were real..."i hope so" i told him. if they're not, at least the memories they leave/ghost behind are. you've got some good ghosts here.

  3. thanks y'all! i have some new pokeberry ghost yarn drying, looks like it's blushing...