i spent a nice afternoon cuddling the kitty and devouring india's new book (long awaited and even better than imagined... i'll probably be obsessively huddled with it for a few days). and in other news..

one of the feathers from my flock floated off to jude today...

it seems our last show at the Hadley made the Greensboro paper!

dear miss hadley is showing off her lovely figure..

and here's a block i stitched for the elder cloth with the paperless piecing method..

i have a general design plan now using the old quilt as a center, and i was planning to use this fabric from a thrifted dress for part of it. i like the pattern in this fabric, but now after stitching it, i'm not sure how it'll work with the other fabrics. i thought it was all linen but there's some rayon lurking in there skewing things. it's just so bendy. anyone have thoughts on rayon??

and i am actually, finally working on my proposal for school with an actual plan. and yes, it involves cloth making. it's gobbledygook right now but it is coming along, which is a relief. hope with me that i can persuade them!


  1. (well, Miss Hadley!)

    Hoping with you, friend!

  2. That's a really pretty block. Are those violets? Have you considered incorporating marsh elder into your elder cloth?

  3. they look like violets, don't they mad? i dunno, they are just printed in the cloth. marsh elder sounds promising - i think we need a trip to the beach to gather some.