the secret is


these don't smell good, especially the longest one which has been sealed outside in a canning jar for a month. but oh... yes. elderberry and dahlia mordanted in a bath of wood ash. the top one has been sitting in cast iron.

tonight, i'm drinking spiced apple mead and watching a pot of water.


  1. WOW & glory be! all of them, but especially that one on the right-those golden brown rusty markings are fabulous.

  2. Sorry i haven't been over for a while now Dru. Been thinking of other stuff lately...
    And your fabrics, OOh, Wow, these are looking GREAT! I bet the smell was hard to take :)))

  3. cindy and jude, and they still look good even after a wash!

    dana, they smell much better now! i know you've been so busy, but thank you so much for being here <3

  4. hard time commenting....???
    but isn't this just be BEST feeling?????
    how totally beauty Full