the boys..

the lamb twins were born in august to parsley, a ewe who also birthed twins in the spring at the 'ripe' age of 11.

so they were a 'whoops' and their mama didn't have enough milk.

so the shepherdess bottle-raised them and looked for a home and found me.

they are jacob sheep, known for their spots and their horns.

little basil has four horns and oregano, his brother, has two.

i love their names but i've taken to calling them lovey..

and pokey... nicknames are good too.

they are crazy about their bottles.

and settling in really well.

they are very special.

for anyone who's doing instagram, mine has turned into instalamb.


  1. oh my god dru! they're so cute, i wanna squish 'em!

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous and what lovely fleece you'll get :)

  3. Wow! They are beautiful creatures! And very lucky to have such a wonderful home with you. Lambs!! I don't think I'll get tired of seeing what comes up on your instalmb. Just imagine what their fleece will become some day...

  4. I can't stand it! they are so cute they caused me to entirely miss the commas and I was looking for horns and oregano on basil! (in his mouth, maybe?) hahahadum :)

    are you gonna link this on antique wheels, or shall I? (have missed you there...?)

  5. Awwwww, so adorable. They found their special home with you, for sure. Jacob is lovely to spin, too. But a couple of rams? Will you breed them or wether them? Or are you prepared for a lot of mischief?

  6. these little guys are so cute, i just had to comment!

  7. thank you all... they are indeed lucky sheep to have so much love!

    heather, they are already wethered, thankfully! i'm not into breeding. i will miss the huge jacob horns though.

    e, basil's second set of horns are hard to see because they are right below his ears and he's dark... i can post them on the antique wheel forum - i've missed it and you but i've been trying hard to stay out of the rabbit hole!

  8. oh soo adorable.. and look at those little tiny horns! What little loves they are!

  9. how can you stand how cute they are?!?

  10. OH love them! The feed store that I get supplies from has had a pair of pygmy goats. If I had more space goats and sheep would be just fantastic...