the way shearing should be

i went over to laura's yesterday, my friend and the farmer of dew dance farm. laura's farm is so idyllic and i'm convinced her life is charmed. her sheep and goats just stand calmly while laura shears them. so peaceful and lovely!

i went to help shear muriel the angora goat and purchase her fleece, but when i got there, laura and her husband george had it all under control. i just sipped my coffee and enjoyed.

and today i am washing muriel's lovely locks... shiny curls in all shades of grey and some creamy blonde. thank you laura, george and muriel!


  1. gee, i thought it was an indigo sheep.

  2. gorgeous colour fleece and cute goat ! ..I love angora and have some in a very similar colour, just beautiful.

  3. she does have a bit of the indigo going on! maybe she was only dipped once ;)