use vs beauty, or, the limits of what remains

excavation, part 2: removing the top pieced layer from the backing and pulling away the batting...

i've only done this corner so far, to see, and here's what's left of the pieced top...

it's so beautiful, but so very delicate.
i'm not sure that re-backing it will enhance it or make it last.
and what are these fabrics, anyway?
they look and feel gauzy, organza-ish.
no wonder she whose stitches i've removed encased it inside the other quilt.
what to do, what to do..


  1. oh lord, oh lord etc etc.
    look at this
    SO ethereal and beautiful and so full of life
    and YES...WHO was she that first put needle to

    i am speechless. looking forward to hearing
    the suggestions that come.
    but not knowing anything, really, i would oh so painstakingly afix it to some piece of fabric that you love. how?, i don't know.
    OR just frame these photographs. make cards
    of them.

  2. like an archaeological dig...
    the fabric looks like distressed linen, scrim or australian muslin to me...

  3. Oh it's beautiful... Have you thought about felting it as a layer in wool?

  4. deb, i was just looking at india's feltquilts last night and wondering if it would work! i'll try a piece and see how it goes..

  5. you know, if you can't find another way, and
    all that's left is how it IS, if it were me,
    i would do some kind of Integrated Applique.
    just GO for it...stitching her bones down
    in whatever way, leaving the gaps. when i
    tucked that strand of Wind under the thread
    bare threads of the Raven window, i had to
    kind of couch them down. it did preserve the
    integrity of the threads. not for any rough
    use, but for the beauty of them

    1. yes, i agree grace!! i'm going to try it with a wool/felt base first and see how that goes. but if somehow it doesn't preserve the beauty of this tatty layer, then i'll stitch it to a cotton or linen. i was hoping to use it, but either way i want to have it in my life, not tucked away... THANK YOU for your thoughts.

  6. Great to meet you last night Dru. Love your fiber work. Will enjoy watching for more:)

    1. it was wonderful meeting you too and celebrating together!! thanks for finding me here!

  7. Wow, just the photos are gorgeous. You depict the essence of cloth. Keep it slow, the cloth is obviously speaking to you.

  8. I love it the way it is.
    So fragile.
    It's art.

  9. thanks judy.. i do too. but not sure the best way to keep it so that i'll be able to appreciate it for many years, and those after me too..

  10. The work is very exquisite and breathtaking. Very amazing and incredible work.