new calling

now that it's in the 80s(!), we can't put off shearing any longer. yesterday i sheared georgie, and it was the first time i've done it by myself. it went well! and i loved doing it! and today, i sheared gabbie, our black sheep. only one to go, greta (the lambs won't be sheared till next year)... and she knows we're coming for her.

i've been wanting to learn to shear, since, you know, i'm all about the dying arts.. and we only have such a few sheepies. plus it's nice to not be so dependent on having a shearer come to us. the few that are left are so busy this time of year. last year, after he drove an hour (in june no less, the first opening he had) to get here, we couldn't catch the little buggers. it was a total sheep debacle.. they are really crafty. i'm not sure why people think sheep are stupid.. at least ours have outsmarted us many times.

i've tried electric shears, but they are so heavy and noisy. a shepherdess friend suggested hand shears, and also said that sometimes she even uses fiskars - which seemed right up my alley since i use a small pair to clip the rabbits... and this was a good excuse for a beautiful pair.. and especially with a 40% off coupon at michael's, a much better deal than electric shears... and they work great, at least for our little shetlands.

the only other issue is my sheep are so messy. i'm afraid i'll be picking hay out of this fleece until next year .. but still, like grace, i think i may have found my m├ętier (besides watching downton): i want to become a shearer!


  1. what a relaxed looking sheepy! she's probably thrilled to have her dru doing it. hooray for you & them! i hope you and your new shears will be so happy together.

  2. A very unusuaul job in these days! Yet I understand the thrill of producing your own wool from scratch, including shearing.
    I like the idea of being indipendent by/and learning new skills.

  3. She really trusts you that's beautiful!

  4. oh what a grand longing....

  5. dru....this is for real a way. a Way.
    when we want to change the world, we can
    begin in how we live.
    i know that shearers Everywhere are sought
    after. it is a wonderful skill. combine
    it and all the other things you love and
    suddenly, there is Livlihood.
    I LOVE THIS, these photographs....
    and get some Rescue Remedy for the sheep..
    it might make a difference to their
    willingness, making them even MORE, maybe
    even into Wantingness.
    this is great.

    1. grace, what a great idea about rescue remedy. i use it for my hounds who have thunderstorm anxiety, but i hadn't thought of it for sheep. thanks so much for seeing my wantingness in this post, my longing to make a Way. i'm just not sure how my body will like it, although most of the people who do this are much older than me... i am going to start at least with practicing, helping people shear, maybe a course or even an apprenticeship, wouldn't that be GRAND??? xxxxxxxooo

  6. Oh this is lovely. I love the idea of using hand shears, the electric would make me nervous!