the dyepot is good for more than fabric

i love these indigo-dyed bones

so, i ask myself, why the light blogging lately? things have been moving faster than i'm used to and than i'd like. i've proposed a spinning class for the community college and oh, i hope it works out!! and i've finally singed up to work some craft shows! i'll be vending at the Carolina FiberFest and making at the Maker Faire. there's another Something in the works too, but that has to wait a bit longer before i should share... it feels good to be moving outward and out of my head. no time to think, only make!


  1. Bones, what a great idea! I'm noticing my wooden spoon is getting very blue...

  2. i like this a lot..., this post. afterall, the mind is
    a tool...thinking is one of it's skills, and that seems
    to come all too easily...but when the thinking is
    the imagining of the HeartMind, then we are making all this
    new stuff.......beautyfull blue bones.........
    and i love all the places you are wandering out into...

  3. blue bones, what a great idea, they have something magic about them.

  4. drucilla, that is so beautiful. i now what you mean about blogging, but that must mean you are up to some goodness away from the computer. :)
    the fiberfest + maker faire sound wonderful + i love that you proposed a spinning class at the community college! what a wonderful idea + offering to the community! :::