blue wood and clay

i'm just amazed at what else the dyepot has conjured. i have to give some credit to my wood-turning husband as well, but myohmy, this blue! and it's deep-soaked in there because i tried sanding or nicking some of the prototypes and that blue, it runs deep. these three will be in the shop tonight, with the super moon.

 btw i went to a fantastic show opening last night (called "Out of Mother's Cave"!!) of Susan Wells, a friend and artist. i wanted to buy everything, but at least i brought home a couple of special pieces, the coffee mug i've been drinking from all day, and also the lovely little bowl pictured which is just perfect for supported spindling.


  1. Indigo is beautiful on wood too. Such an incredible colour.

  2. So Beautiful with your indigo spindles Dru!

  3. loverly indigo nicely photographed! Susan makes some mighty fine pottery, yeah!

  4. Neat ! So cool that Rocky and you can work together on projects like this ...
    x x x