the little people

Went to a doll-making workshop yesterday with artist Cher Shaffer
In a most magical place.  
The little people came, lots of them.  

Maker Faire NC is this coming Saturday.  I am so happy to be the featured maker!


  1. beautiful little folk! such spirit about them.

    I saw your question on Woman with Wings' blog about the effects of the moon in our lives, I subscribe to Rising Moon Astrology, she does talk about squares and nodes and things I don't fully understand, but also explains possible effects in a very easy to understand way. Peggy might have some other, maybe better answers for you, but this might be a good place to start. :)

    1. nanette, hello and thank you!! what a resource-filled and interesting site! looks like i have much to learn, which is very exciting. i so appreciate you pointing me in this direction ... xo