i kissed it

this is a top-whorl Golding spindle
carved out of Irish bog wood
it's of Blarney castle
gifted to me by a very dear friend, Mother Seraphima..
what a treasure!!  
and it came at such a good time
because i had been feeling fluish and it completely distracted me from that.

you may know of my fondness for Victorian mourning jewelry and sometimes it was made out of this same type of fossilized bog oak.  so i am truly in love with this piece... i even kissed the Blarney stone on a long-ago honeymoon.  i'm not sure it gave me the gift of gab, but this gift is even better.


  1. How interesting...and what a lovely piece.

  2. what a superb gift! love the close ups.

  3. it's bound to give you more gifts w/the spins that will come from it! beautiful.