male persimmon or female persimmon with no male in the area to cross with tree id no. 2

this one has me stumped, between two maples.
there aren't that many in my tree book with leaves of this shape
that are so rounded and without teeth.
some possibilities were sourgum or persimmon
but it doesn't really have the chequered bark.  or does it?
and i don't remember any persimmons.
plus that just seems kind of random.
the last one was figured out within minutes!!


  1. Today, and after every wood-firing, is my: I do what I want day. It often means I have collapsed in bed and cannot move, so I: want to stay in bed. TODAY however, even though it was the second, longest firing EVER! I want to look up this tree. I'm gonna find it. I'll be back.......

    PS. I have the best tree finder books in the world. I'll give ya the titles later too..

    1. someone on facebook said persimmon. just odd that there are no persimmons, and apparently fall is the time for them. so let me know what you think! and Yay! for your long night and successful firing and do what you want day!! xxooo

  2. Looks more like a pear tree, and yes: persimmons have fruits hanging till January (at least in this country).