giving thanks

some of my nearest and dearest have made and sent the most thoughtful gifts...

such a generous surprise from Heather, who knows my feelings about trees..
we studied them together.
she even contacted my hub to make the arrangements. 
i was so moved by this gift to the earth!   

and not long after the worst, I received
"Fairy dust" by Handstories (embiggen to see all the dust!)  
all I had to do was mention faeries, and off she went!  
it even includes a fragment of Grandma's sheet 
(and there aren't many people who can say that!)
it softened my heart and made each day a little easier to bear.

and then such preciousness blew in from my dear Dana of Leililaloo
who knew from across the pond how much I needed gentle care.  
she even included the tree painting, below.  

there were also lovely cards, texts, comments here and facebook messages of support and love.
i'm still heartbroken, but i'm also ecstatic to have such friendship.
i feel very blessed to have such a father,
and to still have such beautiful souls in my life.
*thank you all*


  1. Much love sweetie. Thinking of you always. :)

  2. yay for love coming in from all directions! xo