I got this beautiful cooking/gardening book (take a look at this great ad for the show). Interesting choice of still life, don't you think? I've never eaten rabbit, but it's just so darned cute that it almost makes me want to try the recipe for E.F.R. (Essex Fried Rabbit). I guess it's part of Jamie going back to nature, and he talks a fair amount in the book about game hunting in the U.K. and the horrors of factory farming. But he walks a fine line with the photos of gutted bunnies and hanging pheasants. I guess it's nothing though compared to the Anthony Bourdain phenomenon with the romanticized blood-smeared natives (an antidote to Fast Food Nation?) Looks like there is probably some interesting discourse going around in the cooking world in relation to meat. Now that we have all these channels I'll have to take a peek.

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