I'm finally surfacing, making some commitments and changes and finding my way. These are some things I'm excited about doing in the coming months...

I'm happily following Holly's Creativity Series on Decor8. I'm still working on the mind mapping since I don't seem to have many memories of childhood (weird, I know!) And I don't have the physical exercise thing figured out yet, but it's going in the hopper as well. But per her suggestions, I downloaded the Gratitude iPhone app, and that's been a small dose of goodness each day. And then I'm seriously thinking about doing the Unravelling class with Susannah Conway. I'm a little nervous about digging too deep right now, but it is just the kind of thing I've been wanting to do with photography and I could use some guidance, plus some blogfriends. It also kinda goes along with mine and Mad's Maid's Room project, which I'm looking forward to thinking more about and getting into.

I'm also taking a real-live class starting next Thursday. I hope it'll jump start my brain, and also help me start connecting with real people again. I'm not quite as excited about this as about the other things, but it seemed like the thing to do. There was another class that looked enticing, but the one I signed up for is sort of a prerequisite to other courses in the area, so I thought I should start with this one. Thinking about it though, I am wondering about trying to switch to the other one since it seems more fun, and I definitely need to stay enthusiastic. This is for my own personal interests - there will be enough real work...

I've also now committed to a schedule for finishing my dissertation, and school too, for that matter! I had a helpful talk with my advisor who was very engaged, just like an advisor should be. We agreed on timing for turning in chapters, and I'm so psyched to think that it could be basically done by June 15. The schedule will totally motivate me and make me do what I would otherwise drag on forever. More on this later.

Hub is also moving forward full-speed with his (our) business plan, although it's too early to share. We're still in research and planning mode. He is so dreamy and thrilled at the prospect of this particular plan, and I'm so happy for him. It has nothing to do with my rabbit avocation, that'll be mostly all me, if it happens. My brother said that I should call myself a "rabbiteur," even if that's not really a word.

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