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So I finally figured out what the fuss is about... I've poked around Ravelry before, but not spent too much time with it, partly because there was no immediate gratification (I had to wait 3 days for my invitation after trying to register!) And also, because I almost never finish knitting anything. I read about it, think about it, but don't really do that much of it. When I used to spin a lot, I told myself that I was just more of a spinner, I make yarn. What someone else does with it is their business. But I loved to knit as a kid - I spent much of my childhood knitting and fishing. And I still want to knit, but Ravelry seemed a little intimidating with so many amazing crafty artists. The last thing I want to do is get all competitive with my leisure, or feel lame for not posting finished objects or crappy bout my lack of skills.

But anyhoo, I am so into Ravelry for so many reasons. First, I think it'll help me knit because I can organize my projects and find out answers for anything that stumps me. Also, there are tons of people into making yarn and art yarn. I've been reading endlessly, and there's nowhere else that has so much info on technical stuff related to spinning. And, what a fun and funky community, I looooove the vibe. Oh! And there's an angora rabbit group too!

After all this reading though, I'm really thinking about selling my Louet Victoria wheel. She is so adorable, and I cherish this little wheel, but I really need something that can handle bulkier yarn. Something with a jumbo flyer, and a larger orifice. I think the Victoria handles bulky ok, but I could have a tool that makes it easy. I wouldn't mind having both, but with limits on space and funds I'm thinking I'll try to place the little girl and get something better able to handle the thick stuff.

I'm pretty impressed by the Babe bulky wheel, which I'd never heard of until I joined the Intertwined group on Ravelry. I like the look of it, actually, but I'm not sure if I'll ultimately be dissatisfied that it's not a wood wheel, or want something nicer, or whatever. I'm gonna take my time and read and think on it, just like the drum carder decision (and the bunnies!) Such a different tack for me, impulse buyer that I am, but it is so fun to be excited about something again! When people say that knitting saved their lives (which you hear from time to time), it always seems melodramatic, but now I think I understand.

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