25 random

From Facebook:

1. I love to type, and I type really, really fast.

2. I sucked my thumb until age 13 and experienced great shame at slumber parties.

3. I have hated my name ever since a little boy named Maurice told me on the swingset around age 4 that it was a boy's name.

4. I've always wanted to be a boy. When I was little, I would ask for a "sex-change operation" for Christmas and birthdays. This desire found expression instead in cowboy boots, which I wore (unless forced to wear something else) until high school.

5. I still have trouble embracing my gender assignment and wonder if that means anything.

6. I adore my burly husband and think it's funny that people think he's dangerous.

7. My favorite song is still Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell (it has been since I was 7).

8. My hero is Billy Jack (and second favorite song may be One Tin Soldier - my sister taught me the lyrics when I was a kid).

9. I get absolutely freaky if I eat processed sugar, a condition that has occurred just in the last year.

10. I have one sister and brother who are almost completely estranged. I did see this brother a few months ago after a decade and he looked a little like Kenny Rogers. We had a beer together and he showed me pictures of myself I never knew existed. I still love my big bro, but I doubt we'll talk more than a few more times in our lives.

11. I was named after my dad, and so was my brother.

12. I'm a stepmother to two beautiful women, but they don't know me.

13. I've never hurt an animal, except for that one poor opossum I unintentionally ran over in my Mini, yet I find myself on the hit list of certain animal welfare advocates.

14. The last few months have been the worst of my life, and I am completely disillusioned. I'm going to therapy now for PTSD.

15. In truth, I'm not very good at following rules.

16. I'm also a very crappy lawyer. Once I accepted this about myself, I felt much better.

17. Lately I've become obsessed with rabbits, and am contemplating becoming a rabbit farmer.

18. I'm also thinking of learning the art of taxidermy. There is a taxidermist just down the street and if I can get up the nerve I am going to stop in and talk with him (her?) about apprenticing.

19. I've taken photos of dead animals for years. Sometimes I'll pull over and take pics of roadkill with my iPhone.

20. I have an extreme yearning to be some kind of artist, either with yarn, embroidery, photography, or words. I'm doing my best to harness this energy and put it in service of my dissertation.

21. I have a deep and abiding love of dense theory like Deleuze and Derrida, and this is not at all an affectation.

22. I have loved almost every minute of grad school, although I have complained through most of it.

23. I am terrified of my 20 year college reunion this summer.

24. I worry about my donkeys outliving me (they can live to be 80!), and hope someone will look after them.

25. I want to die a crabby old woman on a very tall bed in an old house, surrounded by dogs and people who love me.

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