Chicken Dance

I've had chickens for years, but this little hen named Emma was the last of the line. She's survived over a year on her own, after her consort Nacho died. She's at least five years old, maybe more. Then we just inherited three birds who were left in the woods here by someone who had a chicken-lease on some nearby land. We are getting to know this trio, including a beautiful rooster we named Castro and his two lovely ladies. Castro is pretty young, he just started to crow last month. It's so good to have a rooster crowing once again. Makes it feel like home, like I can relax, finally, stretch my wings. In the words of OCMS,

I ain't a turnin' back
To livin' that old life no more.

We were finally able to find and fetch Emma, and this was her first meeting with her new friend. He performed for her, circling her, crowing, and dragging one wing and then the other. But he but was quite the gentleman.

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