I'm so happy with how this shrug turned out. Even though the weather isn't cooperating today, these colors put me so in the mood for Fall. I've seen small hints, sounds and smells that Fall is on its way, but it hasn't hit us here in the South like it has for those lucky bloggers in the Northeast. I hate this heat for the bunnies, too, although most days they seem just fine, but today they look fairly miserable. Still, it's cooler in the barn than it is in the house (except for the one room where we have a window unit and it is hogged by dogs). Lately I've been thinking about how all the righteous folks who strenuously argue that pets should live indoors, they must be blissfully unaware that *I* barely live indoors. Of course, it's not that we're not privileged - it's a choice that we made to be cheap and environmentally conscious (love when those things coincide!) Rather than spend $14,000 on central heat and air, at least by one estimate, we went with the woodstove and fans. I'm not sure why it seemed so romantic and virtuous to me when sometimes the heat and cold are downright debilitating, but often I revel in being open to the elements, especially when I'm falling asleep.

So I've been feeling some malaise with my spinning and I hope it's just the heat and not that old boredom creeping in. It's been my longstanding pattern to go all-out with my interests and then burn out on them, but usually it takes a few years. And it's all cyclical, I've been around and around among the same things over the years - fiber, farming, photography. There is something about fiber projects that's different - sometimes I get the feeling that there's no there there. I mean, I always look for layers and depths of meaning in art, and usually that's what keeps me delving and fascinated over a long period of time. With fiber, I'm thinking it's stubbornly resistant to symbolism, even though art yarnies try so hard to create themes and narratives - and they are beautifully successful at times. I dunno though - sometimes I feel like that's the whole draw with fiber, at least for me - the tactility that overshadows any cerebral venture, the insistence on process. That's what seduces me but then lately I'm left feeling a little empty, casting about for concepts and politics as per usual. That's how I've been trained and (therefore?) that's largely what satisfies. But what do I want out of fiber art? I guess I'll find out, since the new studio (complete with central heat and air!) will be ready for me next week.

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