i'm soooo psyched about my new space! i got most of the stuff moved in today and although i'm not yet all unpacked/organized/arranged, everything seemed to fall into place. the window spaces are coveted in this building and i was happy with an interior space. here it is:

and the view out toward the front:

the bare part was just vacated by a stained glass artist who moved across the street. the weavers will be moving into that area (see all those looms up front?!!) and then the front spaces will be taken by painters.

and here's is what i set up today in my studio!!

the rug was actually there already, and at first i wasn't sure if it fit with my long-awaited dream studio aesthetic, but then i thought it worked pretty well. i haven't carted my precious Fantine (that's my Rose wheel) down there yet, although since it's going to be my main craft space, i guess i will. i'm told it's perfectly safe and it has a lock and all that, but maybe i should see about insurance first?

here's the view out toward the back of the building (two painters have that gorgeous space behind mine):

and here's my new carding station, thanks to a quick ikea run! i swear, the expedit shelf and desk must have been designed with carding in mind.

and my desk from home, repurposed as a sewing table (i wanted to move it anyway to make room for hub's daughter, who is hopefully coming to stay with us. whole 'nother story, that).

and some fixins and sewing supplies:

i have the space defined by an awesome thrifted sofa! so comfy. this pic is taken from another spinning station (a chair's better for spinning on that bulky babe) on the other side of the carding table.

i can't believe the amount of space and the peace i felt hanging out there today. there is no wifi, which will take some getting used to, but plenty of room think and breath and create. this is the nicest thing i've ever done for myself.


  1. Looks great. Is this a new business venture then?

  2. thanks. yeah, it's a fiber business. i still feel uncomfortable talking about it as a business rather than just a mad love. i guess i'll have to work on that. mostly i'm just taking the space and time to pursue fiber art and see where it goes.

  3. That looks amazing! The sofa looks so comfy and the whole place looks like it would be great meeting all the artists there. So much space!

  4. Hey Jere, I don't know why this computer doesn't like your blog :-( but I've been having a hard time pulling up your recent posts. I see you have a new post with what looks like June Bug...but I can't seem to get to it.

    Your new space is so fun looking...wish I was closer and could come visit.