i am so grateful

for finally having time to explore and dream and create and spin and stitch. this little guy i did tonight, my first softie i've made in YEARS. he's a bonzo-type for sure, and i'm hoping to develop some kind of little spotted dog softie design all my own. and surprisingly, drawing and cutting this design with no pattern and hand-stitching him only took maybe three hours, which is much less than a typical embroidery piece, so that's kind of cool.

and, i am so grateful for the health and company of my family. for the uninterrupted time drinking wine with my mama. for the grumbly generosity of my dear papa. for trips together we never could have taken just a couple of years ago. this time is so precious, and i savor every second, every touch, every word.

for finding the fairy tale of true love i always hoped for. and for loving someone who is so unfailingly good to me. no amount of gushing will describe how i feel about my husband.

for healthy, happy, sweet critter companions, especially my baby (gulp) imogen with her squint and her bad bionic knees. and the fact that her heart is my heart. (but this is not to diss my other critters, whom i cherish!)

for my husband's sweet daughter who has just come to live with us. i love her already and feel so grateful for this chance to know her and maybe even help her out a little at a difficult time in her life. plus, she is adorable and is helping me dress better.

for such long friendships, people who are still with me after years and even decades.

for our new business venture and the sweet smell of self-employed success!

it's an embarrassment of riches, really. wish i wasn't so weepy thinking of it all! damn that cookie dough milkshake! happy thanksgiving!!


  1. Hey sweet lady....and I am grateful for having you as a cyber pal...nice to read about your riches.

    As I sit here looking out my window toward the rabbit building I see our new resident a shiny black cat. I've not been able to determine the sex...and she/he looks a bit sway back. I'm wondering if it is a female with kitties? Oh dear. We tend to be rich with felines who seem to find it a good place to stay here.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend..

  2. thanks denise! the kitties seem to find you, don't they?! and the other critters too.

    i just checked out your blog and it sounds like you have a wonderful new reason to be happy this thanksgiving! contrats!

  3. This comes a bit late but I'm glad to hear you are doing well. You absofuckinglutely deserve it. Have a great Christmas with yer brood, all small and large, and may your New Year be the best year ever.

  4. oh yeah touched my heart with your post. haven't looked in a long while. love the softies by the way