wip, all of it

i got some fabric glue today. had not realized before how much easier it makes things. also looked over this wonderful book on art quilts. i had never thought of what i wanted to do as quilting, but there are so many transferable techniques, especially with applique. it's even better for my purposes than the painted quilt book, which is amazing.

i finally met with my errant committee member, the one who i've been convinced wanted to dump me. i went in there with image of myself as a lamb going to slaughter (i'm prone to drama, perhaps?) anyhoo, he had on a cozy, cute-old-dude sweater, and was not mean but very gracious and supportive, although he did summarily dump me. still, i think it's for the best, as now this leaves me with an open spot on my committee that i might can fill with someone artsy. maybe there is still a way for me to make my degree more overtly art-related with an applied component. i feel good about it and he even gave me some much-needed, good advice. he said "i think you are more than entitled to take all the time you need to think, rethink, and write." how's that for a carte blance to spend my time stitching??

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