i finally finished the wild angora mitts for the kiddo. the fur is all from cosset and these things will puff out hugely once they are worn.

unfortunately the kiddo also left me tons of dirty laundry. what am i supposed to do with her dirty underwear? especially since the washer has been frozen for four days!?! i contemplated sending them to her still dirty, along with her pretty mitts, but it finally decided to thaw yesterday after an afternoon in the 40s. i've had some moments of delirium, falling hard for the idea of hand-washing laundry, and seriously spent an hour or so coveting old-timey washers at lehman's and even had one in my cart briefly before admitting that i am a more of a wal-mart variety homesteader.

with all this freezing, hub left the hose dripping so it wouldn't freeze, and it made an ice sculpture.

these days, i am all about the fire. i baby this thing even more than the dogs. i set my alarm three times in the night to make sure it doesn't need me. this is the longest running fire we've had, i think - it's been going since last saturday. i dread having to put it out soon to clean the ash pan. i am one with the fire.


  1. feeling a bit like Cinderella these days, i have cleaned the soot from the fireplace so often

  2. OHHHH! Are you an angora lady? From goats? I have 10 lbs of locks.
    I I've only ever dealt with wool and silk, and I have questions about angora!

  3. hi penny! i have angora bunnies, and these mitts are made of yarn from one of them. i don't have angora goats but i do have 3 fleeces waiting to be washed. their locks are so gorgeous and they are easy to work with. what are your questions? it is so cool to find another stitcher who also spins!