bully for me

i'm lovin this newest little guy. i made him from a velveteen jacket i got at the good will. it was dark brown but it bleached out to this nice buckskin color. why is it so seemingly difficult to find velveteen? course i'd rather get thrifted fabric anyway, but it stresses me out a little not to have a ready supply.

so this little dude was my first experiment with wired legs and glass eyes. both super fun and successful, i think. oh and the open mouth, that was a new thing for me too, and i still have to figure out exactly how i want to do that. i'm also not sure why he turned out to be so wide - that's not exactly what i was going for. but the underbody gusset, i thought it looked a little wide when i drew it. i think i accidentally doubled the width of both gussets actually. but i am kinda partial to the result. i keep looking him over and petting on him. he looks a little like lucy and lily, although he's definitely a boy.

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