why not try?

here is my new little doe, in situ. i am so completely, shyly fascinated with this soft sculpture girl from nicole of astulabee. i have been wanting one of her deer heads for a long while and am very glad i pulled that paypal trigger! what is it about her work that just puts a lump in your throat? and she even included a bird collage card that says "why not try?" indeed! soo inspiring..

it might be a problem that i'm getting addicted to buying beautiful things on etsy. not a bad vice, up to a point, since it is making me so happy. today, i got out and moved most of my crafty stuff to the new space and there was only one minor disaster - a freaking electrical fire! it was scary, for real. and my remedy, of course (after putting that fire out and getting the home fire going) is a hot bath, wine and trolling etsy!

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