he still needs a name

so here's my latest "experiment" in the quest for the perfect dog design. just call me dr. moreau! i wanted my softie to stand up a little straighter, and this one does. but i think maybe he's a little long, and a bit tall. i'm just not sure about his proportions. but i like his curved tail!

i tried kapok as stuffing for the first time - and although it's beautiful as fiber, i'm just not sure what all the fuss is about. it's messy - almost as messy as angora bunny fiber, which i have in spades - and i'm not sure it's really less lumpy or nicer filling than polyfill. but i am still holding out hope and am going to play with it more and see. i also used a cotton sheet this time, which i would have thought was too thin and easily frayed, but it actually worked ok and i kind of like it. i poured coffee on it (a benefit of having some of the window panes out! i just held it out the window and poured!) and am wondering why people seem to always use tea for dyeing and not coffee..

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