this banner that i got from Dana of LeiLiLaLoo - all the way from amsterdam! - has made me absurdly happy. it looks adorable in the doorway leading from the living/tv room to the dining/crafty room.

which is good because i have really been struggling again with panic and anxiety. i *know* it has to do with (legal crap with ex), and i know not to let it fuck with me. i cringe at writing about it, but i am also kind of tired of keeping my stories held inside. i mean, it's my life, and i don't want fear to dictate how i live it. i need to get moving, crafting, cooking, or reading. brushing bunnies is always good. or yoga. something. lately i've been savoring molly wizenberg's sweet book and dreaming of recipes. last night, i finally saw bright star, and how i loved it! how incredibly beautiful it was. but the panic still creeps into the quiet moments.

i picked up this older koigu pattern for 50 cents while i was out thrifting. it is so gorgeously complicated, it might be just the thing to distract me for a good long time. i don't know how old it is, but look at this woman's awesome style. koigu yarn is expensive, but i so enjoy it and thinking of maia and taiu, mother and daughter (and there is a granddaughter now! what is her name?) and their estonian heritage and beautiful farm. i have some older pics of them, i'll have to show you. maybe i can find a dye lot of koigu on ebay.

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  1. OOOh, i just spotted this blogpost. THANK YOU! Great shot :))