of course i've already put this on twitter and facebook, but i just want to remember that this made me happy. also nice that i found out via email from the coolness that is cal patch. i am so grateful how kind crafters have been to me!

and, well, i've been wondering if/when needlepoint is going to make a comeback. maybe it already has, now that i think of it - there were those needlepoint cuckoo clocks at anthro around the holidays. i haven't been tempted by it until now, even though i did plenty of needlepoint sitting around hospitals when i was like 12, including this whole elaborate needlepoint unicorn on a maroon background. i still hate hospitals, and maroon, which may have colored my view of needlepoint but i remember loving those kits with all the colors and i would always have to have one when we went to the craft store. but these days, having that canvas with all those holes just seems insane.

still, i found all these faux bois needlepoint patterns in a thrifted book (i love old needlecraft books! don't you?) and i am intrigued at all the granny-trailer-chic possibilities...

there are patterns that are all graphic and modern!

and look at this one:


From Needlepoint Design by Louis J. Gartner, Jr., 1970.

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