i'm happy with the way my newest softie dog is turning out! it's so different, working on the face before the body is stuffed, and having this little personality looking at you while you're sewing on him. i kept finding myself stressing out that he needed to be put together and quickly rather than all open and unstuffed. strangely reminds me of watching the vet stitch up tallulah recently. he even told me he did a ladder stitch on her! i was thinking yep, i know what that is.

i was thinking of this softie as a boy, but now it seems he wants to be a she. not sure why i feel compelled to gender my softies, but it seems important. every time i make one, i learn so much and find so many things i want to do different on the next pattern. this one has taken me days though, and s/he's not done yet, i don't think. i may want to add a nose at least, and maybe even a mouth, although i never seem to like the mouths i come up with. and maybe some claws. and maybe some other fabric on the ears. oh, and attach the eyelashes better. i do love the eyes - these are taxidermy eyes. it'll be nice when i settle on a pattern that i like rather than re-designing each one, although it is really interesting to see what difference a small change can make.

i have almost completely unpacked my new studio space, and took some pics of it tonight, but they are still in the iphone - will share tomorrow.

and omg, mathyld did the sweetest, most generous post! i am so touched and kind of shocked, you know - i guess most of us never think our crafts are "good enough" - but she has really given me a shot in the arm! it's also a good excuse to pull out my old, massive french dictionary, so i can read all the comments!! merci, mathyld!!

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  1. Jere !

    Oh I love your softies ! This one ? Insanely full of character and personality ! I love the "spotted tail" ... and the posture !

    I am impressed by people who experiment, who works with 3D ... I tried making dolls, once, but not too hard. And they were kind of flat ...

    Oh and I love when you add fabrics in the ears : like on the little pompom-guy :)

    Keep on the good work !
    x x x