little junebug usually looks so demure.

but after her harecut, she is looking proud. (or maybe mad?)

looks like i missed a spot under her chin. it's so hard to get that area. not the prettiest backdrop, but my bunny grooming station is on top of the washing machine. i used to agonize over my angora bunny care. it took me a long time to learn how to manage their coats and it can be unhealthy (even dangerous) to the bunnies if they don't have nearly constant upkeep. i mean, it doesn't sound difficult, but it takes more than a little knowledge and effort! these days it seems like we are in a good routine, and i enjoy taking care of the little bugses.

june is the sweetest, chillest rabbit i've ever met. she was such a tiny thing when denise sent her to me. she has gotten so much bigger, but still just as sweet.

tomorrow, i'm going to the beach with my oldest bff. i think i'm going to try an experiment and not bring my laptop. i want to focus on her and her kids, and on vegging and dreaming and reading, rather than trying to find wifi. it will be strange to be mostly net-less for a few days. i'll probably be obsessively tweeting from my phone! but i think just a short break might clear some cobwebs. i'm taking my diana camera so hopefully i'll bring home some good pics. see you soon.


  1. Hi Jere, So glad that June Bug is in your safekeeping. Have fun at the beach.....you will be fine without your laptop....sometimes we need to tune out! Our desktop is in the hospital and I feel disconnected. Enjoy your vacation

  2. What a sweet bunny! So, you have to cut their hair? I never knew that! I had a plain white bunny with pink eyes as a little girl. She hung out in the barn with our steer. The beach will be great without a laptop! I never bring "work" with me on vacations.

  3. More beautiful yarn ? Yay !
    I am a sucker for rodents ... This bunny is so pretty !
    x x x

  4. thanks everyone! amber, yes, with angora bunnies have to be clipped or "plucked" about every 90 days or they can get wool block from ingesting their hair! they also matt terribly if you don't get the hair off them regularly... i love spinning angora fiber though - good thing!