shearing day




i'm so glad shearing is over because it always stresses me out! but the most stressful part was getting everyone caught before the shearer arrived. they got out a few times, and the donkeys too. this new shearer was super gentle. the sheeps all look good under there and they are all hoppy and frisky now. and i was also thinking that the wool might be too full of burrs and hay, but it looks *awesome*. will take pics when i lay it out and skirt it, but when he was done it started to rain.


  1. Wow! I love seeing stuff like this, more pics of your animal friends, please!

  2. oooh! What kind of sheep? Do you sell the fiber?
    I have a fiber buying problem. By the pound.

  3. i'll definitely post more critter pics! i have to give bunny harecuts tomorrow so i'll take some before and after..

    the sheep are shetlands. i have a flock of three with two ewes and a wether for my own fiber addiction. if you ever want angora, i have lots!

  4. Oh my how wonderful are these pictures! I want to be at your farm...yesss for sure keep those photos coming! ;-)

  5. I want to live on a farm so bad. More animal pics, please.

  6. Wow Jere, your life looks so adventurous!! I always loved watching Mcleods Daughters so much...your life seems to be similar to theirs :))) How fantastic it must be living on a farm..But also it is hard work i imagine..