model's coat

my mom found this little pot and gave it to me. the inside has a wire basket for soaking brushes. there's even a tiny printed label with a palette. it's so cute that i thought maybe i would start painting again.

then, this thing happened. i know you won't even believe me. i used to have a vintage jacket-type thing that i would wear for painting. it must have got away from me over the years because when i went to look for it recently, i couldn't find it. i was bummed because i liked it and even wore it sometimes as a dress.

then, when i was looking in the little room at the recycling center the other day (yes, the very same one where i found the flag), i happened to notice some denim and gingham and ... i could not believe, but it was the jacket-thingy. i looked it over carefully and it was the same colors, same brand, same stitching, same flower applique.. i did a double-take and wondered if it was the very same exact one, if by chance i had donated it and it turned back up here. but it turns out that this one is nice and roomy, whereas the one i used to have was ever so slightly too small. i got the new one all washed and wore it today. i love to paint, i want to paint, and i don't even remember why i stopped painting other than i have too many interests. i can't help but see this as a sign.


  1. NO WAY ?! Fab ! This is most definitely a sign !
    Can't wait to see your paintings... You are one talented lady, my dearest Jere !

    I still want to read/comment on your two precedent posts, but never get the time/courage to do so. I am always afraid to leave crappy comments, so I come back again & again ... Silly. I know !

    Cheers !
    x x x

  2. How cool is that! I love your jacket thingy! Makes me want to ditch mine and go find something cute at a vintage shop ;-) I think for sure its a sign and I hope you started painting! I Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  3. Wow, just wow. That is certainly amazing and yes, I'd take that as a sign. The coat looks cool too. This week I got a bright happy green vintage housecoat that I've been wearing when I work with clay, so nice to have a creative outfit.

  4. OOh, this is the universe talking for sure...Me too am very curious what you will paint for us to see :)))

  5. That is such a freaky coincidence, I would clearly take that as a sign!
    I need to do more painting as well, I really enjoy doing it, yet I always get stuck doing other stuff instead.

  6. i'm so glad we all agree! now i'm imagining us all creating in our vintage house-coats! need pics!!!

    mathyld, please don't ever worry about leaving crappy comments. you are *always* so well-spoken and lovely and gracious. xoxo

  7. yay, everyone agrees it is a sign and you should pick up your paintbrush! i love it when these types of fortuitous life events conspire at the perfect time. happy spring!