bunny hat

i know it's not exactly the season for it, but i'm so happy with the hat i knitted up from junebug's last haircut. angora has the most amazing "bloom" or "halo" to it that makes me feel like i am part rabbit. (i also saw two wild rabbits hopping about this morning!)

here's my afternoon rabbit hat modeling, while we're waiting for a hay delivery.

part of the fun of working with angora is that the fuzziness happens once you start knitting - it's not nearly as obvious in the spinning - so at some point when knitting, you start to see the gorgeous fluff that just gets bigger and bigger.

this hat is perfect too because it is not itchy! there is nothing softer than angora. i love all different wools, but i am sensitive around my face especially, so i have a number of handknit hats that i really don't wear. and this one sits perfectly above my eyebrows so that the angora fuzz doesn't get in my mascara or contacts. i don't have trouble with angora shedding (like i've heard with commercial angora from china - ugh!) but if it had a long brim, the fluff would get in my eyes. and it's such a quick knit!

june's color is known as "blue" in the rabbit world, and even though she looks grey like most of my other rabbits, the bluish tone really shows up in the yarn and the finished knit, don't you think?

wish i could be with mum today, but we celebrated while we were together. and, i just found out that i'll be visiting her again week after next for a few days. still waiting for mother's day cards from my critters here. happy mother's day to all mums out there! (and not just mothers to human children!)


  1. oh the hat is simply lovely! Good for you that you got a hat out of one clipping! What a treasure.

  2. thank you so much denise! i was surprised there was enough too, especially since june is so petite. it was even two-ply yarn, and there is some leftover!

  3. The hat is lovely, really. And you are stunning !
    You're waiting for hay delivery ? You attract hopping-bunnies ... You're turning into a bunny, dear !

    x x x

  4. I hope your critters gave you a fabulous day, mama :)

    Love the hat, you look beautiful!