crafting amidst it all

i've been meaning to show you my very favorite embroidered hankie..

and newly spun laceweight yarn from greta, my pretty ewe..

and then there are the feathers, feathers everywhere..

it turns out that miss hadley has feline leukemia, but she should be alright as an indoor and only kitty. it's been kind of a chill week, stitching and reading and waiting for news on my dad. he's finally home from the hospital, at least temporarily, but very weak. i'll be going down to visit my folks soon, and i'm sure we'll find a way to work in some thrifting here and there.


  1. Lovely yarn, feathers, hankie...everything...
    Well wishes for Miss Hadley and wishing you safe travel.


  2. Oh my goodness !
    Everything's so beautiful ... But you're the prettiest of them all !
    So gorgeous ...

    I'm sure Miss H. will be fine with love and care.

    x x x

  3. I hope that Miss Hadley will be o.k.
    ...and on a more frivolous note, I adore your little handkerchief.