stitchy-dishy connexion

even though i am hopeless when it comes to dishes, i always drag home ridiculous loads of chippy floral shabbies... i never knew before this last round of junking that there is a stitchy-dishy connexion. i mean dishes with stitched designs. this is a thrifted bunch by johnson brothers called "fruit sampler" (there is a newer version, this is the old one). see all the little stitches in the border? this brings me extreme satisfaction. but wait! there's more... to be continued...


  1. Oh dear ...
    We really are soulmates, aren't we ?
    The other day I thought I saw the Great Pyramid of Gizah in my living-room ... Why, no ! It was only the huuuuge pile of dishes I bought at flea markets & garage sales over the years ...
    ha !
    Δ Δ Δ

  2. Ahhhhh---I love these!! I used to work at a tea house that had all old tea cups mismatched--it was so lovely. Thanks for all the sweet words and for actually reading the first post!

  3. these are so very darling!! truly beautiful and i adore the way they are photographed too :)

  4. perfection!! i also have a penchant for dishware. i don't know where to put most of it, but plates and cups just have such character! lovely finds as always dru dear!! <3 L

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