more dish fetish

i've been forgetting to show you my other stitchy-dishes.. these have a cross-stitch design in the center. i love that the design on each plate is at a different stage of wear ... kind of a reverse stitchy-progression. it's a huge thrifted set complete with sugar, creamer and gravy boat. then more recently i found a newer, unfaded version with the same design to round out my set. j'adore.

i'm feeling terribly drawn to traditional designs right now. am obsessing over shakespeare's peddler. i found her when i made my first treasury! even if i could live forever, i still wouldn't be able to do all the stitching i'd like to do.

p.s. oh, there's also a sneak peek of my recent woodstove-top dye experiment.


  1. I can see why you like shakespeare's peddler, some of the patterns on there are wonderful.

    I dreamed of going to a garage sale last night and I was so jealous because my friend got to the pyrex cups before me and they had all these wonderful folk patterns on them DRAT!

    Enjoyed looking at your stitchy dishes.

  2. that dye experiment is BEAUTIFUL! love the dishes too! if you ever find more you could make a plate arrangement on your wall. :D

  3. Ain't it the truth? I have more projects here and in my brain's filing cabinet than I'll ever come close to accomplishing.

    Vintage/thrifted dishware is the best.