even when i try to do my farm chores quickly, it doesn't work out.. there is always the perfect feather right in my path. feathers everywhere, actually. it is interesting to me though, how many "imperfect" feathers there are. feathers that are too dirty and wet, but also broken and half-gone feathers, discoloured feathers, and feathers that are missing, well, feathers. i like that they show some wear though. and they are all so individual. i wonder how on earth feather-harvesting works for down comforters and suchlike? i probably don't really want to know.

i've been feeling *so* much better the last two days, and that's after a long bout with the flu. i was feeling lame and down from being sick a while, although i did luxuriate a bit in my bed with my dogs and miss marple... but the last couple of days have been so much improved and with the weather, even glorious.

i was talking to mum about my little crafty business and my frustrations with lacks in productivity, and i said something about a modest goal... of making something every day (not necessarily completing anything, just actively working on making something) and also listing something every day. or as much as possible. (there may not always be something to list, but i have quite a backlog right now in mum's attic).. and it seemed simple and probably not all that helpful, but somehow it has kicked me into gear.

i am loving perpetua's new blog (as well as her beautiful work!!) and i'm with her on wanting to make Something of my life... even if there is no Thing and life is really just life. i am really very post-ambitious, but still i'm tired of talking about what i want to do. i'm tired of buying supplies and making things i love but that just pile up in my armoire. i like entrepreneuring in many ways, and i have no reason not to give this a good go. even if "this" will continue to morph..

today involved..
gathering feathers
meeting with a potential new studio-mate
finishing framing swap piece for mr. x stitch!
finishing and photographing custom order
photographing a lot of other stuff
buying printer cartridges
2 listings


  1. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better!
    You have some good goals to look forward to.
    I can't wait to see what you created for Mr.X! :D

    I am hoping to start accomplishing something everyday as well, otherwise I get down on myself.

    I would love to discover a turkey feather! All I ever see are Seagull's feathers. :)

    Hope you have a lovely day!


  2. I'm glad you feel better !
    Christie's works on DVD most certainly help, don't they ? ;)

    Also, I decided to start this whole "a crafty-chore a day" thing, myself, as of late !
    We are so connected !
    x x x

  3. Ahhhh-haaa! Post-Ambitious!!! That's brilliant. I am adopting it into my venacular as we speak. You are so sweet to mention me---and you know what, Miss? Those little goals you just set up are what do it. You can give all the big pushes you want to, and stay up all night and whatever--but at the end of the day,the Same Little Check Mark in the Same Little Box is what does it.

    I think it's in the same Department with Saving money--like you put the $5 in a can every week, or you save your coffee money and quit coffee...... And adopt an expensive tea habit......

    That whole Department is a real challenge for me....

    But I am excited you are working again!! Those ruts are the worst.