arrived at mum's

isn't tasseography the best word?


  1. Tasseography *is* the best word indeed !
    I want to join you ! I bring my own divination cups :)
    x x x

  2. Such beautiful cup and saucer. Your mother's?

  3. Oh, I covet that. How lovely!

    I used to have an incomplete set of dishes that had astrological and alchemical signs on them. They're lost to one of my million moves, but they were one of my favourite things for the longest time. You reminded me of them today, thank you!

  4. mathyld, you should take pics of your cups! we could have a virtual tea leaf reading session!

    lisa, it was a gift from mum to me, along with a little book on how to read the leaves. love!

    and xiane, i cannot imagine how cool those must have been. any idea who the maker was, or the name of the pattern? i might poke around on google, because i have a dish fetish and all!