Invocation: Midwinter

Welcome to you, Old One
Welcome to the snow and ice,
The bitter cloud of your breath,
The pillow-feathered snow
Welcome you in, this Winter day.

May your blessings hold us,
May your chills avoid us,
May the bright promise
Of each clear day
Remind us of your gifts.

Old One, cold one,
Though we fear your storms,
Yet we welcome you
Into our winter hearts,
With your cleansing breath,
To blow away the old year
And usher in the new.

John Matthews: Invocation to the Old One


  1. Just perfect ...
    The words and the pictures ...

    Wishing you a wonderful Yule & a dreamy Solstice
    x x x

  2. Thanks for this poem, and the prayer to Hestia a few posts ago. I live on a little northern island, and rely on my woodstove. I am glad the days are getting longer now, but appreciate the gifts of winter too.

  3. I wish a very very warm & happy Christmas for you and your family :))
    xoxo Dana

  4. bascom, i think i will too!

    heather, i want to know more! i am going to look around your blog about more for lifestyle clues... (it sounds so remote and romantic!)

    dana, warmth and love to you and your family! happy christmas!

  5. I am in love with these photos and this poem.