after the thaw

so glad that the washer and the kitchen sink have finally thawed out. lots of laundry and dishes. while it was frozen, i learned that a new roller derby is starting in my area!! sarah and i took a field trip to greensboro and skated all over the sports authority, and then the main street of our little town at night. and the last bit of big news is that my hair is now very platinum!! i love it so much that i wish i hadn't waited so long to do it. white skates, hair, and christmas.


  1. So, you emphatise about skating & your hair ... But don't even share pics ?!
    You're a tease, Pettibone !

    I'm glad you're happy.
    x x x

  2. Oooo, I'd love to see this new hair color. Are there photos?

    I remember my parents always worrying about the pipes freezing when I was a kid, but fortunately it never happened. Sounds like a real pain.

  3. of course i'll share photos! i took some cosy rumpled day-holed-up-by-the-fire pics with photobooth, but i'm going for platinum with dark roots (mathyld calls it the "dirty whore" look!) so i may have to let it grow out a bit before i do a proper self-portrait..