by any other name

some of my handmade feather earrings are in my shoppe... and my new dottie friend is by allyson mellberg (i've wanted one for ages!) things are going along pretty well, although i'm cold and tired and so very glad the market is *over*. exhausting!

i'm on a mission now to introspect and regroup, which may last the winter. of course i do my best introspecting via blogging! so i hope you'll join me. i'm actually going to try to come up with a business plan of sorts, although first i need to think of a different name for it that doesn't make me vomitous. and before that even, a clearer vision of the life and work i want, and before that, what really matters to me.. see? lots of navel-gazing forthcoming here..

let me begin with the name thing. i met some people these past weekends who i had first met online, and i identified myself as drucilla. but then there are some older friends around who know me by my birth name. and some people get confused or reactive to a change of name. some can be unsupportive and even disrespectful. i confess that when i had an old friend decide to go by a different, more formal version of her given name, i thought it was a bullshitty move (but then, she was kinda full of it..). and it's easy to laugh at middle-aged divorcees who choose new new-agey monikers. but i am trying to be more full of love and self-love, and less jaded in my own middle age. i'm persuaded by gala darling that
"life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself"
and i have always, always, since the beginning of my memories, wished for a girlie name...



  1. I will join you by any name. In it for the long haul.

  2. Drucilla, I have to say I am in love with your feather earrings. Which is hilarious because they are not unlike my feathery creations, but there is something more rustic and olde worldy about yours that makes me want to buy them all. I just wanted to let you know they are wonderful. xxx

    ps I am jealous of your chicken flock! xx

  3. mad, you are so dear! if my oldest and bestest can be so understanding, no-one else should make a peep about it! i hope you feel the same about calling me maurice when i'm 60 or so...

    dianne, thank you for your sweet comment and tweet!! you are so kind! i've been wondering for ages what to do with my birds' beautiful feathers. i know my earrings aren't the most original, but i dreaded adding more fascinators to etsy!! xoxo

  4. oh dru, be true to yourself always. those who know you and understand will always be accepting.
    also, what is this fantastic photo of some root like creature i see here....suddenly, i am very inspired..