doesn't she look purty under glass?

missus fox wanted to say hello again. i've got displayed her in this thrifted end table which was made by bombay company in the 90s' - it's got a glass top that opens for displaying needlework! we think it's nifty!


  1. love everything you do, dru! wish i could fly you back out to ny for a stitching party... or better yet- wish i could trek out to the hotel to see all that's been brewing :)

  2. What a great idea...it looks fantastic ;)

    I decided to write my exams in February. During the last 3 month, I was constantly ill and took 4 packages of antibiotics. I didn't feel good and I couldn't learn enough.
    Now I feel healthy again for the first time since September and I think, my decision was right.

    Hope, you are fine?

    xo, Mel

  3. This is totally fab, and I second everything Laila just said ... Except I would replace NY by Paris !
    x x x

  4. Great choice!! Looks beeeeautiful.