Stitchy Peeps: Should we have a Show?

I've done some thinking and some legwork about curating a show of stitching at the Hotel Hadley Studios this Spring - like in April. I've preliminarily got Alex on board with her awesome military portraits, and I think they would be amazing to show. I'm wondering if some of my other fiber artist friends would like to exhibit with her as well.... (actually we don't have to be friends at all, if you do cool stuff!)

The thing is, we're kind of in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't promise anyone a sale. That being said, we have had a ton of people through the Hadley at our openings. At our Grand opening, and then again at Trace's opening, we had at least 200 people each time. And we did sell stuff. But you get what I'm saying - this is a rural community without many people and even less money. So isn't that all the more reason to showcase some awesomely subversive, or subversively awesome - stitchery??

I'm not gonna do the whole professional call-for-work thingy. I am asking for y'alls feedback and to let me know if you have an interest. At least your work is guaranteed to be viewed and it could even cause a riot. It will also give you a line on your cv. And best of all, I'd get to see it and ogle it in person. Depending on who is interested, I'll come up with a theme for the show that makes sense..

Also, please let me know if it would be totally obnoxious to ask for a tiny financial contribution from those who are exhibiting. Not a submission fee, but a donation to offset the costs of putting on a show: food, drink, flashy cards, keeping lights on and some advertising, etc. etc. I can't afford to foot the bill for it by myself. Although, who knows, maybe we will all get rich with it! Anyhoo, let me know what you think and whether this affects your decision on whether to participate...

Oh, and by the Springtime, we're planning to have regular open hours, so the show can be viewed throughout the month rather than people seeing it mostly just at the opening...

Imma post this all over and hope you'll respond if you're interested - you know I'm talking to YOU!


  1. http://andibeads.blogspot.com/2010/03/alice-in-finishland.html I have several pieces stitched on felt, plus some older stuff done on twill http://www.embellishmentcafe.com/embroidery/embroidery.htm A participation donation works for me, also prepaid return shipping etc :)

  2. andi, i'm so glad to be introduced to your work!! and excited you're interested in a show... some quilted pieces or mixed-media might fit in well, too... i'll study your gallery a bit and be back in touch!

  3. Not sure I do any stitching worthy of a show but since I am nearby I am happy to help you anyway I can. I'm a fantastic organizer of stuff amongst other talents.

  4. I will cry and cry and cry into my pillow if I don't get invited to play.

  5. Becky, I was hoping to rope you in one way or another!! Thanks so much.. I bet we can put on a really great event. (Don't discount your stitching though!)

    Penny, I would have mentioned you by name, but didn't want to risk leaving anyone out and making them feel bad... However please consider this your very own super special invite to play!! Or I can beg...

  6. Hmmm, maybe. I would need to make something up special just for the show, I think. Would there be a theme?

  7. lisa, it would be great if you did a piece for the show! i was planning to wee who was interested and let the theme emerge from the submissions... but i see the perfect starting point being alex's "gay for eagles" (master)piece: http://www.mrxstitch.com/2010/04/14/needle-exchange-exploring-craftivism-part-two/eagle-032/

  8. OK, I'll see what I can come up with for you. I've had a few ideas kicking around in my head lately, sort of along the lines of a nature theme.

  9. A lovely idea, do stitchy peeps in the UK get to play?

  10. I wanna play but I"m mostly doing soft sculpture and masks these days. Not sure if that works.


  11. I would like to do this. This is the piece I think might fit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/changlingsea/5015807655/

  12. Hi, I'm not sure if anything I've done fits in here but please take a look at a couple of my flickr sets. I would be honored to participate!



    Thanks, Bex

  13. so far the response has been amazing!! bascom, bee, bex YES! and YAY!

    robyn, that piece is totally PERFECT!

    rosemoo, i think a mask might fit really well - shall i just peruse your flickr stream or do you have some in mind?

    and jane - UK can play!! i hope we'll have a number of artists from there. the only headache can be shipping, but if you're willing, that's fantastic. let's just keep the expense (and possible delays in customs) in mind in selecting your piece(s) and how they are framed or mounted.

    i'll post again now that things are taking shape and we can begin to settle on specific works...

  14. Cool - happy to help! Becky W lives close too - hint hint BW.

    I don't discount my stitching but mostly I stitch up old lady fuddy duddy stuff and/or follow patterns . Who knows maybe a zap of inspiration will whap me upside the head?

  15. yay jamie!! i would have been crushed if you weren't in.. btw there's a new roller derby league forming here and i'm trying to get my ass in shape for it!

    becky, a small tweak (or zap) to an old lady pattern can make for an amazing piece... i love those kinds of things anyway... and we do need to wrangle BW!

  16. Barbara (stlucybelle)January 8, 2011 at 9:57 PM

    I would LOVE to participate!!!


  17. Here's a few of my recent pieces (I think the Fates piece might be appropriate.) I would be thrilled out of my gourd to show with you fine folks.

  18. well I am not a friend, but I am a creative sister :) Let me know if my work suits your ideas for the show.
    Lead Belly is available :)

  19. Barbara, Heather and Corrine, it would be fantastic to have you participate. I am thrilled that so many wonderful artists - like each of you - want to take part!

  20. Yay!!! BTW, I'm fine with the donation of $$ idea, and will figure out the shipping and customs stuff.

  21. Hi Miss Pettibone, my friend alerted me to this post and I'd be psyched to be included in the show :)
    This is my flickr stream so you could see my stitchery:
    hope that link works!

  22. just email me Drucilla when it comes together and what we need to do and send.