gifts and goals

i was so thrilled and truly touched to receive these original drawings from allyson mellberg - she's an artist i've admired from afar, but i recently learned - when i proposed a trade last month - what an open, generous and sweet person she is..

this one is called "God only knows." she drew it especially for me! and anyone who knows me well will see the extreme personal significance (click to see larger).

this is Frannie, isn't she so tender?

and this is my long-awaited dottie. you probably caught a glimpse of him not long ago.. he has a way of popping up here and there..

i've completely enjoyed my time at mum's, and as they tend to do, many things have sorted themselves out. here in this new year, i'm committing to my vintage endeavors... picking, dealing, re-purposing, etc etc. i don't know why i've resisted it.. i will still stitch, of course, but i am not sure i'll ever make any money with it, or that i even want to. i love the slow cloth philosophy and aesthetic... with thrifting on the other hand, i'm all up in there..

also i'm suddenly fascinated with tumblr! i've started chronicling my vintage finds there - even during the hunt and before i've cleaned things up and prettified them. bloggy friends may have noticed i'm still a bit pre-verbal anyway, and the quick-and-dirty tumblr format is kinda what i've been doing here anyway.. i hope you'll visit me there, but i'll still be blogging here to keep track of my crafty, farmy projects and life goals and all that mucky goodness... speaking of which..

it looks like i will be doing a dissertation after all..although it's possible that i may get distracted again. still, i don't seem to be able to let it go. it's mine to do or not-do, and i want to reclaim that part of my life. plus, with this new topic, i have some new-found support from a professor i've always had a feeling about. so it's going to be on textile-work and grief-work, something many of us have discussed and seems to be a common refrain. i'm going to be taking oral histories - both of the process and experience of stitching and also the histories of the cloths themselves... i don't have all my ducks or red tape yet, but perhaps consider if you'd be willing to share your stories and stashes...

wishing us all sweetness and light in this new year,


  1. Hey there---Congrats on your dissertation! it sounds like an awesome project!! Yay. And i'll check out tumblr.

  2. Love your goodies!

    I've never done a stitchery of my grief but we can chat if you need an interview. Perhaps it would do me good to figure out how to work it out through art.

  3. lovely. your new topic sounds fascinating too. i'm still stumbling through my old topic. feeling a bit preverbal as well. but mostly feeling gratitude for this connection with you. looking forward to continued threads.

  4. perpetua, i'm so glad you're back, i've missed you!

    becky, how about joining me and sarah on some thursday craft night soon? i'd love to interview you too, when i've got it a bit more together..

    karen, i'm grateful too! maybe we could make some kind of pact for 2011, to keep up some movement (stumbling or otherwise) and have check-points?

  5. Once more you made a lovely post.

  6. oh dear, i had this great big post of a comment and a finger slipped and i lost it all! okay, recap:
    lovely lovely trade (i can't wait until i reach that caliber of artistry for such trades)!
    love the slow cloth philosophy and would love to learn more. perhaps a post on folk reveries?
    wouldn't it be awesome to incorporate slow cloth into a virtual knitting tea cavalcade (like mentioned on twitter). how awesome would that be?! oh i would love to do something like that, the possibilities! :)

  7. ada, i will trade with you *any* time you find something in my shoppe that you like! i've thought of proposing it before, but haven't been sure what to offer..

    i'll definitely work on a slow cloth post for FR! tell me your ideas for our virtual stitching-knitting-tea time! shall we do live, like on twitter or something? or just post on our blogs? there's also ravelry, with lots of knit-a-longs going on. i'm sure there are other possibilities .. i have some projects planned and would love to share them like that... *excited*