gifties and thrifties

so many new lovelies from traveling and thrifting, trading and gifting. here's a custom diz from my dear emily of bricolage studios...

a diz is used for pulling roving from combed fiber. you pull it through that little hole for a perfect worsted prep, something i've been working on since i got my combs. so i have been wanting a diz for a while, but never imagined i'd have my own personalized one! em sent this along with a treasure trove of goodies including a necklace, an orifice hook, and some adorable needlefelted pincusions. her jewelry is incredible in real life. i was so happy when i opened this package that i wanted to cry.

then, my sweet and sassy (and local!) friend becky actually offered to gift me a vintage sewing machine. i was like, WUT! come to mama! it's a mid-century kenmore in perfect shape and with all kinds of original extras....

including that wee chair!! that opens up and chock full of all these goodies!!! stitchy hoarders like me will understand the squeee factor here!

and funky, very useful dials! i've been through the manual and started stitching on this baby, and she's awesome. all she needs now is a name!

and then, this is one of mum's estate sale finds that she passed along to me, causing major drooling and swoonage - a wicker basket with needlepoint on each side...

thank you mum, and thank you elizabeth for including some of your yarn and millinery stash, too!!

i kind of hesitate to even combine all of these in one post since they are each so fabulous. but i've been behind on chores and making, and doing less internetting, even though i miss my friends here. my memorial day weekend to-do list includes:
*full-on cleaning of rabbitry (which begins in exactly 7 mins)
*selecting some pretties to send to laila for her gorgeous, redefined shop!
*spinning for my new moon update (june 1!) i need to credit jude hill with the idea of updating at the new and full moons. i've been learning quilt weaving from her, and she is fantastic.
*stash organizing
*carpet cleaning
*a couple of long-overdue phone marathons with old friends
alt *working on gift embroideries
in parting, i also have to show you a few cross-stitch finds, each so perfect and inspiring, for a happy holiday weekend, friends!


  1. I love the diz and that house stitch!

  2. hey! thanks for showing a diz (and a beautiful one, too). I have just recently learned what one is, but didn't' have a visual.
    what a treasure trove of things here. very exciting to see you're going to be in laila's shop.

  3. The machine looks so HAPPY right there!!! Yay!

  4. So much loveliness! The sewing machine and added extras looks fab, I adore the sewing basket and the cross-stitches are so pretty. Also: loving the word 'rabbitry' :-) :-)
    (PS I want to see more rabbit pics plz).